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Adventure based learning program:

"Tell me and I will forget
Show me and I may remember
Invole me and I wikk understand"

Parts of the tour belong to our adventure based learning program. By using an adventure setting for our activities you benefit from a tool which is extremely effective in developing and altering knowledge, abilities and attitudes. The nature of adventure activities is to draw upon the physical and emotional resources of the participants from which the learning are derived. These adventure challenges can be sought through various forms: workshops, games, sports or challenging ropes courese. Each activities formulation to parallel the culture, nature and interactions found in the workplace as well as incorporating a high level of fun. Futhermore, adventure training adheres to recognized of prociples of progression, human relations, psychology and management.

Adventure based learning activities:

To keep this tour a unique experience we are running different activities on every tour giving you a chance to learn from a wild range of jungle skills. Such activities could be;


Create handicrafts from nature materials.
Learning about food from the jungle and how to prepare it.
Help building a ancient mud house.
How to traditionally plant and harvest rice.
Preparing a campfire and cooking in the jungle.
Jungle survival course.
Ropes course and abseiling.
Wildlife watching.


The activities you carry out will be decided by your tour leader during the tour in order to your desire, weather condition and local circumstances. Our aim is to get you actively involved with the local techniques used to live in the jungle. Trek this great opportunity to learn more about jungle style living and yourself in unique place and friendly people.

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